Monday, June 14, 2010

Small group roams


As some might have seen, i recently joined "The Black Rabbits Academy" to learn more in-depth about eve online piracy and that helped me find people that live near me and that i enjoy to roam with. We had a few kills, nothing spectacular as you can see on my killboard.

I'm currently relocating my stuff all around Metropolis to be closer to the academy but i'll sure take some time to post about my kills. 

Logging off.

Max Gutman

Sunday, June 6, 2010

When corp mates jump in...

Yesterday, I was on my usual patrol, covering every low-sec system in Metropolis. I have no idea why, there was a serious shortage of serious targets... Everything was fleeing away or safely into POS shields.

After scanning countless systems for ships to blow up, having no luck, i finally managed to engage a lonely Navitas mining into Evati. The fight wasnt really the most exciting i've been in... Three rounds from my group of 150mm Autocannons II and the mining frigate was in pieces, the pod being locked. A quick look on the character employement history gave the info about why he blew up so fast, it was created two days ago! I didnt even take the time to ask about a ransom, i just podded him quick enough. 

I took the time to invite him to a conversation to know what he was doing around at this age, since i was feeling quite bad to have podded a new player, that might quit the game because of this. After some chatting the pilot told me it was a new alt he created and he didn't even have implants in. I left the convo to jump back and forth between safespots, while the global criminal cooldown was running out.

Proceeding on my patrol, i managed to pinpoint a lonely mining Covetor in Taff. It was a cake to drop, but i didnt manage to lock the escape pod because as the barge exploded, a Broadsword jumped straight on me. He had a point on my ship, so i proceeded to engage at close orbit even tho he was much bigger than my Rifter. At my own surprise, he wasn't even touching my frigate, and my guns damage was starting to show up on his shields. It would have made an excellent killmail, but a jaguar jumped in the fight, in backup to the Broadsword pilot. I noticed he didn't even have a Warp scrambler active on my ship, so i warped out, hiding for the rest of the criminal cooldown.

When the GCC passed, i then proceeded to jump to another system to escape the Covetor pilot corp mates trying to get me and to resume my patrol. I took my time after a jump to answer the phone, thinking they wouldn't follow, but hell yeah, as i warped to the next gate, they had me pointed, no idea how they did it that fast. I tried to evade the fight, but i was dual webbed, i couldnt escape. My little baby went in flames, the cargo was only containing some ammo and a strip miner i looted from their corp mate. 

I managed to bring my pod safely to Hek, where i jumped straight away into another Rifter of the same fit, and resumed normal operations. Targets were very rare, though i followed a sniper fitted faction Stabber for a few jumps, thinking i could maybe have a hit on him, but it didn't happen. So i went back on my way home, to pass the rest of the night in my quarters, planifying some new strategies / routes for my next patrols and to think about the errors i made that led to my ship destruction.

Logging off.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Once upon a time in low-sec space....

I simply love faction warfare complexes as they bring more targets for us lone pirates :)

After another long patrol into Metropolis low-sec, i happen to see a Frigate / Destroyer level complex beacon on my overview. As i was approaching the acceleration gate, the overview scanner reveals a lone cruiser class Stabber pilot camping the gate.

I began my approach by turning on the afterburner and setting up my orbit distance. I had little to no knowledge about Stabber's, so i went heads up in the fight, only based on what I've read on the Rifter-Drifter blog and various EvE forum posts. I took some time in my approach to quickly observe the cruiser info panel to have a little idea as to which base resistances he had on his ship. 

He didn't react on the first few seconds of my attack which consisted of the usual warp scram / web / nos, but it was too late. My ship was on a close orbit around his cruiser, the Stabber dual 180mm's guns couldn't even track my small Rifter. The only real threat was the huge heavy missiles the enemy captain was firing at my little baby and even then, they were merely scratching my ship. Actually completed the fight at more than 80% of my armor, without any help from my Small Armor Repairer II.

I had to adjust ammunition after the engage when i realized the cruiser was shield tanked, a quick swap to some Republic Fleet EMP S and the damage was going smooth, much better than the Republic Fleet Fusion S i was throwing at him when the fight started. I kept the EMP ammo until the ship blew up as i didn't know it was only buffer tanked, not passive.

Result was quite awesome, better than i thought it would end when the fight started. The Stabber pilot was quite surprised on the kill from local talks and me too, i didn't think i could do it, just took a guess and i was right! :) Still, the enemy captain had twice my age, i probably got lucky on a poor fit, but i can't evaluate at the moment, my fitting skills on ships other than the Rifter's are quite limited. He managed to escape as i was too slow to target the pod, could have been a nice ransom! The loot was quite normal, some various Tech II fittings and faction ammunition, nothing fancy. 

Hope you enjoyed this kill story, more to come soon!

Max Gutman

Killboard link